Sugar Cookies

Ana Viveros, Staff Writer

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The holidays are around the corner. So why not make sugar cookies to kickoff the sweetness of the holidays?

You will need:

Sugar: One cup

Cinnamon: Two tablespoons

A can of beer

Vegetable shortening: Two tablespoons

All purpose flour: 2 ½ cups

Baking soda: Three teaspoons

A bowl

A roller

Cookie cutters (if desired)


A cookie sheet

Preparations: Heat oven to 350 degrees

Step one: Add all the dry ingredients together, and stir them around. Then add half a can of beer to the dry ingredients (to make them rise better).The beer will bake out once they are done cooking.

Step two: Grab a cloth and cover the bowl to let the dough rise for about 10 minutes.

Step three: Grab your dough and roller and start rolling it out. Be sure not to roll it too thin. Grab your cookie cutters, start cutting out your shapes, and place them on the cookie sheet.

Step four: When done cutting them out, and placing them on the sheet, place them into the oven. Keep track of the cookies, because when you see brown on the edges you will have to flip them around to have both sides cooked evenly. Keep the cookies in the oven for 20 minutes.

Step five: After the cookies have finished baking cover them in cinnamon and sugar while they’re still hot.

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