New water filling stations at RHS

Cynthia Garduno, Staff Writer

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Rogers High School recently installed three new filtered water bottle stations that provide cleaner water and help make our environment better.

According to Natalie Olivieri, AP environmental teacher, RHS was able to install these new stations due to a  grant that our PTO received.

“I think they are wonderful,” said Olivieri. “It’s a great way to encourage people to use less plastic.”

By using less plastic in our school, we are helping to decrease the amount of pollution in the air which is beneficial for us and our surroundings.

“These stations make me feel good because we are actually helping to save the environment instead of just standing by and doing nothing,” said Alejandra Ruiz, 12. “They’re a cool and faster way to fill up our water bottles.”

This faster way of filling up our water bottles seems to impress many other students here at RHS, including Ethan Nguyen.

Nguyen, 12, explained that before these stations, filling up our water bottles took forever and they were never really filled up because water would end up spilling out before it was completely full.  

“They [new water stations] are really good because they are easy to use and it saves a bunch of plastic bottles from being used,” said Nguyen.

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