New eyebrow trends

Cynthia Garduno, Staff Writer

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If you are an avid user on social media, you may have already come across eyebrow trends that have
caught the attention of many. I’m not sure how this trend of doing new things to your eyebrows
came about, but people seem to be fascinated with it. These top three trends seem to have
gotten the most attention.

Feathered​ ​Eyebrows:
I believe it was this look that started the pattern of unique eyebrow trends that are still
continuing to this day. To get this look, you can use brow gel or even glue to part your eyebrow
hairs evenly and horizontally down the middle.Then you just brush your top hairs upward and
the bottom hairs downward.

Wavy​ ​Eyebrows:
A more recent trend to come about is the wavy brow trend. Most of the time any make up trend
is started by a makeup artist who felt like doing something creatively different, and that is what
happened here too. To get this look, you basically just outline your eyebrows with ‘squiggly’
lines then fill them in.

Braided​ ​Eyebrows:
And the latest eyebrow trend to take over social media is the braided eyebrows look. This trend
may be the simplest trend to do if you aren’t that successful at recreating makeup looks. At a
first glance you may believe this is completely impossible because eyebrow hairs are typically
not long enough to be braided, and if you think that then you are absolutely right. In order to get
this look, all you have to do is Photoshop them on.

If you enjoy being creative with your makeup and find these particular trends interesting, then by
all means give these looks a shot. Eyebrow trends are only the latest makeup trend to catch
people’s attention,but who knows what makeup trends are to come in the future.

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