Golf tees off to great start

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Golf tees off to great start

Sandra Tobar, Staff Writer

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The Mountie boys and girls golf teams were teeing off at a tournament last Friday preparing for a win at state with their heads already held high because of a great season so far.

Girls golf coach Brenda Alexander said the season has already started off well and is looking forward to a good season.

“We’re doing good, we’ve won three to one by two strokes in our past game and we’ve improved very much. We will hopefully keep that up and have a good season,” Alexander said.

The start of a new season means there is another state championship in play and Alexander is anticipating good chances at winning.

“Our players have improved and we have goals for them to staying in the nineties, eighties, and possibly the seventies. I think we could win state,” Alexander said.

Benton Boyett,10, is proud of the way the team has played so far and is optimistic for the future games.

“We’re doing great, we’ve only lost once in the five times we’ve played. Sometimes we get cold streaks and sometimes we get hot streaks, but I think we will make it to state,” Boyett said.

Boyett has also set goals for himself to achieve this season and hopes to improve his game, like other players.

“We all want to get better as a team, but I want to break forty-five or forty,” Boyett said.

Megan Cook,12, also believes that the team can beat their rival and win state.

“If we keep it up, I do think we can win state, and we can beat Conway or Bentonville, who are our biggest rivals,” said Cook.

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