Apple launches new iPhones

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Apple launches new iPhones

Ana Viveros, Staff Writer

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Every year Apple launches a new iPhone. This year the iPhone 8 and iPhone X is the new electronic on the market that will be in many people’s hands very soon.

On Sept. 12, 2017 in the afternoon Apple had their famous launch. Introducing two new phones that Apple lovers are raving about.

Both phones will be coming out in 2017. However, each phone will be released in different months. The iPhone 8 will be coming out Sept. 22. Pre order is on Sept. 15. For the iPhone X it will be available on Nov. 3. Pre-ordering will be on Oct. 27.

The iPhone 8 will have a durable glass protecting the back and front. It will be water and dust resistant like the iPhone 7. Also it will be having a wireless charging since the glass back will allow easy access to wireless charging. For the ones that like a small or big display screen the iPhone 8 comes in two sizes of screen display. One is 4.7 in and the other is 5.5 Retina HD display. Also the speakers are more louder, and are 25 percent more louder than the others.   

For finger ID it will be more secure being able to get you to Apple Pay faster. As well letting you send money to others and receiving through messages.

When it comes to the graphics of the iPhone 8 will be more vibrant the colors will pop more. Making pictures have more a lively look.

Going to the iPhone X it received many changes not leaving it as the past Apple products. It no longer has a home button the whole front is screen. It has the durable glass like the 8 as well. Some things are still the same as the 8. However, the X has now a Face ID this is where your phone can recognize your face out of a million faces.

Also it will have an emoji animation. It is where it detects your face, and have an emoji move to your face movements. Letting you send it to family and friends.

The price the  X will be $ 999, making it the most expensive phone on the market. The 8  will be about 700 to 800 dollars.

With the release of the new iPhones, die hard Apple fans will no doubt be anxiously awaiting the newest technology. However, the shocking price of the X has many wondering if Apple faithful will have had enough or are they willing to pay nearly a thousand dollars for a phone. Time will tell if Apple has priced themselves out of the market. 

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