Ezekiel Elliot against the Dallas Cowboys

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Ezekiel Elliot against the Dallas Cowboys

Rolando Hernandez, Staff Writer

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Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliot has been suspended from playing six games in the NFL for domestic violence against his ex girlfriend. At the end he still played on Sept.10, 2017 against the New York Giants.

Elliot has the speed to win four state titles in track and field. He has over 1,500 yards and completed 15 Touchdowns in his career. Lately since he has gone through troubles with the NFL he may not be able to play against the Broncos.  Elliot was fourth overall picked by the Dallas Cowboys in the 2016 NFL Draft. Elliot may be the favorite for the 2016 Offensive Rookie of the Year. However, 2017 was not his year for playing in the Dallas Cowboys NFL team.

From disobeying the NFL’s contract he will be suspended for six games in the season.  Though he was granted to play in the first game against the Giants.

Tiffany Thompson accused Elliot of multiple counts of domestic violence. Police in Columbus, Ohio declined to charge Elliot in Sept. after investigating the case it was clear she was abused over a five-day stretch in July.

Elliot, 22, wasn’t charged in alleged July 2016 Domestic Violence incident. However, the letter sent by Chief discipline officer B. Todd Jones explaining the league’s decision to suspend Elliot for the first six games in the 2017 season.

The NFL’s attorney confirmed to judge Amos Mazzant III at the beginning of the hearing, and again after Henderson’s ruling, that Elliot would be allowed to play against the Giants because of the timing of when Henderson’s decision came down during a game week. If Elliot is not granted injunction, his suspension will begin the next week.

Elliot played on Sept. 17 against the Denver Broncos losing 42-17. With all the trouble he has had with the domestic violence incident he is now facing another problem with the NFL Team. The game last night showed how one can give up on is team. When the third quarter hit Elliot decided to give up. When the Broncos intercepted, and making him lose the ball letting his teammate Dez Bryant get tackled at the end. While he just stood in the field placing his hands on his hips,and watching.

For now it can not be told if Elliot will keep on playing for the Cowboys from his supposed suspension and giving up on his team. Elliott’s career can go down the drain if he does not step it up.

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