Trendy fall fashion

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Trendy fall fashion

Brittany Williams, Staff Writer

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Denim skirts, flannels, high top Vans. A typical teenage closet always includes theses essentials for fall.  Looking around RHS it’s not hard to find girls and guys staying  on top of the trends.

Matte black Birkenstocks paired with severely ripped  high waisted  jeans, or a millennial pink skirt with some Adidas Superstars. These are what will be seen strolling the halls this fall.

“My favorite piece to wear is a skirt, most of the time Denim. It’s easy to slip on, it’s comfortable and appropriate for most occasions,” Lindsey Grace Allen said.

Most high school students grab inspiration from social media like Instagram, Cosmopolitan, and Buzzfeed.These sites keep everyone in the know of what celebs are wearing  or what is hot this season. YouTubers like Alisha Marie and Conan Gray are also known for their unique style and having millions of followers looking at their OOTDs every day.

“I gather my style ideas and pieces from everywhere, but I am really into Remi Lewis’s style on Instagram, she has some really different outfits that I take inspiration from and put my own spin on it,” Elyse Phillips said.

There are lots of places to find fabulous outfits around NWA,  like Forever 21, Banana Republic, Pacsun. In thrift stores like Goodwill you can find over sized t shirts and vintage looking scarves. You can mix and mingle styles to find your perfect vibe for fall.

“I love to shop at Goodwill because I can find one of a kind items that I know no one else will have. Each time I go with a few dollars and a open mind,” Emma Mincks.

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