Old trends that are coming back

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Old trends that are coming back

Bethany Arnold, Editor

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Denim: Denim has never gone out of fashion when it comes to blue jeans, but denim has made a huge comeback in many other ways. From tops, to skirts, to accessories, you’ll be surprised to turn the corner and not find someone with a denim jacket thrown on, girls and guys alike.

Hoops: Women sported hoop earrings all the time in the 90’s, but more are wearing them now more than ever. With huge varieties of styles, you can see anything from crystallized hoops to beaded and fringed hoops. Of course, the bigger the better.

“Classy. That’s the first thing that comes to mind when I think of hoop earrings, ” said Andrew Elkins, 12.

Mom jeans: Mom jeans in the past were not the most popular thing, hence the name. Now it’s not the mom’s wearing the jeans, but their kids. High waisted and cuffed jeans, sometimes paired with a belt, can spice up any outfit. Some even cut their jeans into shorts, making the throwback look good for any season.

“I like mom jeans. I feel like they look good on other people, but I wouldn’t wear them,” said Aileen Zepeda, 12.

Scrunchies: There’s many ways to put up your hair, but a scrunchie is an increasingly popular way to do so. These large fabric ties make it easy to throw up your hair and have even been seen on the red carpet. This goes to show that easy updos never go out of fashion.

“I love scrunchies because they make your hair cute, curly or straight,” Evelynn Cardona, 11.

Round glasses: Round glasses aren’t just for hippies anymore. Nope. They’re for people young and old, wearing them to block out the sun in style. Although these are coming back into fashion a little slower than other trends, you’re sure to see someone on the street rocking these round spectacles.


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