5 ways to defend DACA

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5 ways to defend DACA

Kynzee Favano, Staff Writer

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DACA is a program that allows illegal immigrants a two year period of deferred action from deportation. Recently President Trump has announced that he will be ending DACA and deporting the thousands of families affected by it. To prevent the deportations of thousands of immigrants, here are some things you can do.

  1. Call, text or email your state representatives. You can text “resist” to 50409 to contact your senators and representatives. From here you just have to enter your name and address and then you will be able to send your state representatives a message explaining why you want to defend DACA. You can also go to https://womack.house.gov/contact/ and email the state senator from there. And finally you can call (202) 224-4843 or (202) 224-2353 to get in contact with the senator’s office. His team will be the ones hearing our opinions on the subject. They can go directly to the senator and inform him on how the citizens feel about DACA.
  2. Donate to United We Dream and/or other organizations. United We Dream is the largest immigrant youth-led organization in the United States. UWD will absolutely be at the front of the line to fight Trump’s decision to end DACA.
  3. Share your story. Whether you are a DACA recipient or someone you know is, it can never hurt to share your story and why you believe that DACA should be defended. Without this program, immigrants could not work as doctors, paramedics, lawyers, teachers, etc. A lot of people don’t understand that immigrants are not criminals and gang members, but human beings that deserve to be able to follow their dreams just like anyone else.
  4. Get involved. In the last few weeks, the Northwest Arkansas area has come together in many different ways and express their feelings and protest the termination of DACA. Stand up for what is right and what you believe in. Don’t be afraid to go out and get involved in your community. Especially right now, there are so many things to do and so many ways to (peacefully) protest the ending of DACA.
  5. Use your voice. Tell your friends and families who may not be educated on the subject. Discredit the stereotypes that many people have about immigrants, such as that they steal jobs and are criminals. Stand up for those who may not be able to do it for themselves. Immigrants are humans too and they deserve to be treated as so. There are many people who think that just because of where a person comes from, they don’t deserve the same opportunities as people who were fortunate enough to be born in the United States to parents who are legal citizens.

Melissa Estrada 10, a  recipient of DACA explains how it affects her.

  “For me DACA is an opportunity that I would not have because where I’m from, there is a lot of crime and it isn’t safe, especially for girls, DACA is a chance to have a better education and a better life” Estrada said.

As a DACA recipient Estrada discusses ways to help defend DACA and keep the program going.

“One way to really get a lot of support is to talk to people and encourage those who can to use their voice to use it and get involved. One person can really make a huge different.”  Estrada said.

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