Earthquake that is shocking Mexico

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Earthquake that is shocking Mexico

Ana Viveros, Staff Writer

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It has been 32 years since Mexico was hit by the 8.0 earthquake that left a dent on them making them fear mother nature, and what she will do next. Now 32 years later after that earthquake hit Mexico City had another powerful one come leaving them in shock.

Mexico was hit by a 7.1 magnitude earthquake that shook all of Mexico. The prior week Mexico was hit by another earthquake that was an 8.1 magnitude earthquake. For Mexico the 7.1 magnitude earthquake had more effect to them.

For the ones who were there in 1985 when the 8.0 earthquake it felt similar to the one that hit on Sept. 19. Leaving the same type of destruction, and having casualties.

More than 200 casualties were reported from the buildings that fell over from the trembling of the ground. Some people are still being rescued from buildings that are down on the ground.

As well communication was lost between Mexico and other countries. It was difficult contacting the ones in Mexico after the earthquake hit, but after a while until later in the day connection was getting better.

The past week Mexico has been looking for more survivors that are stuck under all the fallen buildings. They have saved many people who survived the impact of the buildings falling. For now Mexico is trying to recover from a natural disaster that had the same impact as it did 32 years ago.


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