Triple G vs. Canelo Alverez

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Triple G vs. Canelo Alverez

Maya Black, Staff Writer

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The historic and much anticipated middleweight boxing match between Canelo Alverez and Gennady Golovkin (A.K.A. Triple G) Sept. 16, 2017 ended in a highly controversial draw.

Some, like Deliolah Rosales, 9, believe the judges made the right call.

“It was right to make it a draw because none of them made it their fight. For instance Canelo Alverez was waiting for Triple G to make it his fight, and make his hits, and Triple G was waiting for Canelo to hit him, so that he could hit back. My thoughts are that Triple G only had jabs, he didn’t have many power punches to the body, but Canelo did. It was all up to the judges in the end, and I do think that [the person who declared the tie] did the right thing, because now we get to see more fights [between the two] and see who is actually the better fighter.”

Despite some support for the judge’s decision, many believe the victory should have gone to one of the fighters.

“Triple G won. He just out boxed him,” said Jeovanni Hernandez, 11.

This seems to be a popular sentiment, many stating that they believed that Triple G was the rightful victor of the match.

“It was a good fight, they both went for it and didn’t back down, but Triple G should have won.” said David Gonzalez, 11.

There is speculation as to another fight to determine a definite winner, but no date has yet been confirmed.

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