Bikes Blues and BBQ

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Bikes Blues and BBQ

Katherine Jones, Staff Writer

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Bikes Blues and BBQ was in Fayetteville Sept. 20 – 23. Bikers from all over came to partake in the festivities that were set up for the 18th annual rally.

Some residents of Fayetteville enjoy the rally while others find it hard to deal with the noise of hundreds of bikes coming and going all day and night.

“When I lived in Fayetteville you could hear motorcycles all night long,” said RHS teacher Patrick Smith. “ We lived two miles away from the interstate and you could hear motorcycles all the time. It makes the traffic really crazy in Fayetteville.”

But crazy traffic doesn’t stop bike enthusiasts from going and seeing what’s up this year.

“[It is] really crowded and crazy,” said Kathryn Kinser, senior. “It’s a great place to go with your family to have like a little get together but don’t go later on cause it’s not appropriate for children.”

Some share Kinser’s view and decide to go during the day or not at all while others go more to look at the bikes then for a family event.

“I love it,”said Katlin Sharp, sophomore.“ You get to meet people and if you’re a really big bike enthusiast you get to see some pretty cool bikes.”

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