NFL bow to the Anthem

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NFL bow to the Anthem

Rolando Hernandez, Staff Writer

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Former President Donald Trump is now planning to make a group of NFL players get fired for kneeling down while the National Anthem was playing. Giving them Freedom of Expression at the same time.

Many NFL players on Sept, 24 2017 kneeled or did not attend the ceremony which was fine of them to do. They had the choice of being out on in the field kneeling or locking arms while the National Anthem was going on, I believe what they are doing is respectful and the fans who boo at their own team shouldn’t be there. I’m with the protest movement against police brutality like the Cowboys demonstrates Sept, 25, 2017 going against the Cardinals. Seeing a team show that they care, and want other people to realize it is not disrespectful.

Colin Kaepernick who started the movement 13 months ago showing more respect to Military Veterans by taking a knee during the National Anthem, It’s a way that NFL players can show another way. “I am not going to stand up to show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses black people, and people of color,” Kaepernick said. I believe what he said was right while fans think it’s “disrespectful”. They are wrong and should not be shaming the players that have been rooting for or another team who have been respectful towards the beginning and end of the game.

Donald J. Trump has tweeted saying “The Booing at the NFL football game last night, when the entire Dallas team dropped to its knees, was loudest I have ever heard. Great anger”. He gives inappropriate language toward players, He believes they are disrespectful toward the flag and should be either fired or suspended from the NFL. Trump says that locking arms is fine, but kneeling down is not acceptable during our National Anthem. It is not proper for a president to be tweeting awful comments about players kneeling down. They have the right to choose what the players want to do from staying in the sideline, kneeling or just waiting in the locker rooms.

The Flag Code states that it should not be used for any advertising purpose, and should not be embroidered or printed on any material for temporary use. However, no one talks about Donald J. Trump merchandise that has the American Flag printed on which is a big violation to the Flag Code. While he tries to act like he never disobeys any laws he is making the NFL seem like they have done so much worse. In that state Donald Trump shouldn’t really be worrying about a sport for one little peaceful protest. Instead he should be worrying about situations around the world involving the U.S. or helping the other areas in need.

The President should not say foul and rude remarks over players who are doing peaceful actions that does not harm anyone. There are fans and Trump who take it a bit too far thinking they “disrespect” the flag. What we should do instead is just not worry about the players and realizing they are doing something peaceful. Instead we should be rooting for the teams; At the end, it is just a game, not a war.

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