Causing a raquet

Baylee Hartman, Staff Writer

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Excited for the season the girls Tennis team is 12-1. They hit the ground running with a 7-2 point lead for the first tournament. Staying focused the team takes their preparation time seriously.

Sophomore Ashlyn Mills is on the girls tennis team and gave some insight on how the season is going and how she prepares .

“The season so far is going really good. To prepare, before every match I make sure to keep my mind open and to not worry,” said Mills.

Sophomore Izzy Rogers tells us about how she feels about tennis and what she does to get prepared.

“I love tennis because the environment is drama free and we have a great coach and great people on the team,” said Rogers.

Coach Fulton is the coach for the girls Tennis team and he told us about how he feels the season is going and how the team is this year.

“I think the season is going great and I think we will go to state and possibly win, we have won state three times already but the score has always been tight, but we have a number one doubles team and singles,” said Fulton.

Fulton talked to us about what he thinks the team needs to work on and who he feels are our biggest rivals this year.

“We are ahead of them right now but our biggest rivals this year would probably be Bentonville West and Fayetteville. The team needs to work on just sticking to the fundamentals and being more consistent,” said Fulton.


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