Becoming one

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Becoming one

Ana Viveros, Staff Writer

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Can one be that self centered, and not think much of what goes around them. Is it hard for others to understand how the world has become. In this decade things have started to take a turn for its worst.


Ever since the devastating earthquake hit Mexico still to this day Mexico, and other Countries have been uniting to help a devastation that paused Mexico. In Puerto Rico hurricane Maria destroyed the island leaving it in ruins. From having no resources to having a big loss in casualties. As well the world came together to help the ones in need. The United States of America received a natural disaster that left areas devastated. The world stopped for them, and saved them from suffering.

The world was peaceful in that moment, and silenced to help. Once things were somehow getting better. The world became loud. While still others are in silence trying to recover from a devastation that took lives from them.

Puerto Rico is in silence waiting for help asking for supplies to help the ones who have nothing. They are trying to be happy while the island is in ruins. What is not happening is that no one no longer wants to talk about it. People are starting to look at new things. Everyday something else comes to the air, and the important, tragic news is tossed.

Instead the world should care more about helping others rather than thinking of small problems. One area should not suffer, because the rest of the world is not caring. Puerto Rico receives still to this day so much love from Latinos. Latino celebrities have donated so much of their money or time just to have the Puerto Rico citizens happy again to have their land again. Even to the ones who were left hopeless in Mexico for the 7.1 earthquake received big donations from celebrities.

In the U.S everybody donated so many supplies to help the ones who lost their homes, and are needing necessities to survive.

Taking a step back is not what the world needs at the moment. Coming together as one is better than watching the world fall apart little by little. Natural disasters are starting to make people unite, and come as one. Taking a look at your surroundings and realizing that others need your help more.


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