Hispanic Heritage month

Rachell Smith, Staff Writer

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Hispanic Heritage month, a month dedicated to celebrating the Hispanic-American culture and everything that comes with it. From rhythmic music such as salsa and bachata to revolutionary figures like Cesar Chavez and Frida Kahlo all of the contributions hispanic-Americans have made are praised during Sept. 15-Oct. 15.
Hispanic or Latino Americans are those who identify as Mexican, Puerto-rican, Cuban, or have origin in a country in Central or South America.

Hispanics have a long history within the United States. They have influenced and enhanced almost every aspect of American culture. Today, they make up around 16.3% of the population in the United States. They have added onto the multi ethnic aspect of north American communities and society. Their foods and parts of their culture have now become signature staples within Western homes.

In Rogers alone, 30% of the population is occupied by Hispanic and Latinos. Several Spanish classes have taken to the celebration by making stamps which represent a feature of Latino Culture. Even further than the stamp making, clubs like ALPHA organize a dance called Sabor Latino which embodies and celebrates various hispanic dances and music.

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