Club day 1

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Club day 1

Livier Arellano, Staff Writer

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Here in school we have many clubs, some of which we don’t even know what they are or what they stand for.


We have a total of four club days, starting with club day one. We all know what DECA is, Drama Club, Young  Democrats Club,  and what Super Smashing Club is. What most of us don’t know is what MAC Club is. MAC stands for Mountie Art Club. This club allows students to have their creative artistic side out into public view. Students in this club also spend their time out with residence crafting and having fun. They put their artistic skills to test when decorating things like the teachers lounge for halloween and decorating a float for the Downtown Rogers Parade.


Attending the AYAA conferences, sponsor Lisa Cassidy describes what they did last year  “We had a few MAC members submit artwork and attend the Arkansas Young Artist Association conference in Little Rock”


In MAC Club one can find and cherish the good memories made there. They can spend time with friends, and just have a good time.

“My favorite memory was when we went to the homecoming, decorating and everybody just participated and it was really fun and we got to hang out.” Debbie Dang said.


MAC Club benefits one in many ways, you can gain something in return, in a fun way.


“It looks good in college applications and it just benefits you, it keeps you busy and just a hobbie.” Debbie Dang said.


Not only is the club beneficial but it opens up new doors. It helps you go out more and explore different areas in your art.


“I really like the opportunities she gives us to decorate, for like the parades.” Amy Hernandez said.


You learn new things in the club, different ways to use your artistic skills. Really putting it to test.

“You get to meet people, you get to be more creative and she teaches you different techniques.” Amy Hernandez said.


Joining this club becomes a fun hobby for one. Keeps you occupied.


“It’s a fun way to spend time after school instead of just going home. I think others should join the club because it’s a good opportunity to do more stuff.” Amy Hernandez said.


Simply joining this club is okay, you’re trying new things.


“Honestly I joined because I like Mrs.cassidy, and because my friends are in it.” Bradley Kyles said.


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