The end of DACA

Ana Viveros, Staff Writer

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DACA is now at the point to end this week. Making many wonder what will happen to them after it is over.

This week was the last chance to renew their DACA card to be in the United States of America. The Senate on Oct. 3 were deciding on what to do with DACA now that it is ending. Some are trying to find ways to keep this program for the dreamers.

Dreamers are on the end of their of seats just waiting for the response that will choose the future of each individual.

The U.S citizenship and immigration services posted on their website stating that new applications were taken from Sept. 5, 2017. As well the only ones who are allowed to renew are the ones whose benefits will end on Sept. 5, 2017 until March 5, 2018. Anyone who’s expiring after March 5, 2018 you are no longer to receive DACA. For the ones who expired, and did not take in documentations to renew before Sept. 5 you will not be available to receive a renewal for DACA.

If you have renewed you will have permission to be educated and have all benefited from it until expiration date or when revoked.

However, they gave them a bit of hope to apply last minute renewals. About 69 percent of DACA recipients renewed in the short span of renewal. On Oct. 3, 2017 no deal was made for the dreamers. Trump had a dinner to see what would happen with them, and try making a deal to find a solution.

Petitions are being signed to keep DACA in place, and each day more are signing to help keep this Act in place.

For now it can not be told whether DACA will be staying or get revoked. For Dreamers it will determine how their life will go.  

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