Netflix prices are on the rise

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Netflix prices are on the rise

Ana Viveros, Staff Writer

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Netflix will rise their prices this October. For the standard and premium packages making consumers pay a little more for their entertainment.

The standard package that lets you watch any movie or show on two screens and in HD will be from $9.99 going to $10.99. For the Premium package that gives you four screens to watch your favorite shows and ultra HD content will no longer be $11.99 it will be $13.99.  

The basic package that lets you watch from one screen any show or movie will be the same price. It will not change it will stay at $7.99.

New consumers getting Netflix will pay the new prices, but for the existing members it will not have effect for them just yet. The way the billing goes for the member they will be advised  30 days before the next bill arrives.

Members will be starting to get notified by Oct. 19 to pay more for the service. New customers started paying the new price on Thursday.

A reason for raising up prices is for more original content to come on to Netflix. Wanting to improve the experience for the customer and having them satisfied.

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