Demetrious “Mighty Mouse” Johnson swoops in for the win

Rolando Hernandez, Staff Writer

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Johnson overpowers Ray Borg with one of the greatest submissions in MMA history by midair armbar.

Demetrious Johnson is a Mixed Martial Artist holding a record of 27 wins-two losses-one tie. He dominated most of his opponents whether it be their strong suit like Boxing,Wrestling, and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Going into the fight against Ray Borg with his style of GaidoJutsu, which is a mix of folkstyle wrestling and kickboxing. Johnson placed second and third in state for wrestling. Johnson showed that he could outmatch anyone when he took control of the rounds by leg kicks along with ground and pound.

Johnson has beaten Anderson Silva’s previous record of titles defenses (11). “It’s always been in my back pocket, in my toolbox, but I never try to force submissions,” Johnson said on Monday on The MMA Hour. Johnson admitted he’s already watched the armbar sequence “probably four or five times” and gets a chuckle out of something he has done hundreds of times at the gym. He started his MMA training back when he finished high school in 2006-2007. He named his move “Mighty Wiz-bar” while Max Holloway who is the UFC featherweight champion named it the “The Mighty-Plex” regardless of the name his ridiculous feature will be a fixture of UFC highlight-reel packages for years to come

“To go through 11 camps- or 11 title training camps, it’s hard on the body. I put way more miles on the body that when I do fighting,” Johnson said on “The MMA Hour”. He explains how this was a big fight for him and he isn’t thinking about his next fight until beginning of next year. He will take it easy until his next fight against a fighter who seems worthy to face him.

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