A new counselor: Tara Elzer

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A new counselor: Tara Elzer

Kynzee Favano, Staff Writer

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Tara Elzer is one of the many new staff members that came to RHS this school year. Elzer is a student counselor for 10th-12th grade students.

“I knew from the beginning of my college career that I wanted to be a student counselor. I really wanted to be able to help students and help those that may struggle with certain things. I wanted a career that would transfer easily to family life,” Elzer said.

This will be her 16th year as a school counselor. She was an English Language Arts teacher for 7-8 grade students for four years before she began counseling.

“I have always been at middle schools and I was really ready for a change. I actually taught at Kirksey Middle School for three years so I knew a lot of the students that went to Kirksey that go here now. I also really wanted to stretch and grow professionally and I felt that being a counselor at a high school level would be able to do that for me,” Elzer said.

If you go to see a counselor and they aren’t there or aren’t available at the time, you can fill out a slip of paper and give it to one of the desk workers and the counselors will get back to you within 1-2 days.

“The kids and really just the student interaction is easily my favorite part about counseling. I want every student to know that I have an open door and I would love to see anyone at anytime. I would like them to know that if they ever need anything to come and see me,” Elzer said.  


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