Club day three

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Club day three




Livier Arellano, Staff Writer

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Rogers High club day three. FULL of very beneficial clubs, but the one that has us questioning is  the SEA Club.  

Sarah Treacy, the president of SEA Club, mentions how SEA Club is about protecting the environment. SEA Club stands for Student Environmental Association. There mission is to protect the Chinquapin Trees.

“There were these trees that used to populate all of North America and they’re called Ozark Chinquapin Trees. They are similar to Oak trees but they got a disease and almost all got wiped out,” said Treacy, 10.

The Chinquapin Trees were infected by chestnut blight, a fungal disease. This disease was spread rapidly throughout the eastern part of the United States, and later around the world. Right now their main project is Hop State Park, which they go to once a month on a Saturday.

“We spend two hours taking care of trees and measuring them. We have a plot of land at Hop State Park that we take care of that we grow 60 Chinquapin trees, and so we’re trying to eventually repopulate part of North America,”  said Treacy.

The SEA Club is full of fun and laughter, not only do you connect and meet new people but you are learning something new.

“ I learned about the ecological impact about Rogers and it’s really actually really really big and we actually started a recycling program too,”  said Treacy.

The SEA Club is beneficial to one because you are out helping the earth.

“And it will look good in college applications,” said Treacy.

One interested in science in general can also find this club beneficial for oneself.

“It’s good for anybody who’s interested in science, and is looking to study for science majors,” said Carter Price, 11.  

Joining the club not only helps out the earth but it could help you too.

“I joined because I wanted to do a very science themed club that was very related towards the environment and something that could involve me in scientific research and environmental research,”  said Price.

So join the club, it’s interesting and different.

“The idea of there being a club dedicated to the environment and science is great,” said Price.

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