Fun places close by

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Fun places close by

Livier Arellano, Staff Writer

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Sometimes after living in the same place for years gets boring. Especially when you’re trying to find a place to hangout with your friends.


Don’t you feel like after a while going out and hanging at the mall just gets boring? After a while it’s just not fun anymore meeting up at the same place. Well, maybe you haven’t bothered looking up some new neat places to hang and explore with friends. For example, going to the Monte ne is breathtaking, it’s nice to see a building that was built in 1901. It was actually a hotel and one of the first hotels to introduce an indoor swimming pool in Arkansas. Visiting a historic site can be very adventures and awe-inspiring.   


Monte NE, Township 2, AR 72758


If you’re looking for a place to have a simple hangout, like have a picnic, and to just really enjoy a view, then Ward Nail Park is the place for you. With it’s clean environment and it’s relaxing pond, it’s easy to be astonished by the park. I would recommend you to go when the sun is going down, so that you can see the marvelous view.  If you’re a person who likes to have some ‘me’ time this would be a great place to just sit or walk and enjoy natures beauty.


Ward Nail Park, Mclure Avenue, Lowell, AR  


Another great place to connect with nature, is the Lake Atlanta Park. I have had some really good childhood memories there, and when I found out it was closed for a while I felt like a piece of my childhood memories were destroyed. Now that I see the improvement I 100% feel like everyone should just take some time and appreciate the stunning park. Walking around the trails and looking at the ducks, and turtles, really listening and feeling the wind blow and the leaves rustling is something we all need to experience.


Lake Atalanta, Rogers, AR


Interested in finding out about the same “boring” place you’ve lived in for a long time? Visit Downtown Rogers. Some places to go and see there is the Daisy Airgun Museum and the Rogers Historical Museum. Going there and seeing a bit of the past can leave you convinced that Rogers isn’t all that boring. Maybe after looking at the museums you should try going to the anime cafe, especially if you’re a big tea fan.   


Daisy Airgun Museum, 202 W Walnut St, Rogers, AR 72756

Rogers Historical Museum, 322 S 2nd St, Rogers, AR 72756

Anime Cafe, 111 S 2nd St, Rogers, AR 72756


Want to know a cool place to challenge your friends and play some ball? Go to Phillips Park. This park is a nice place to play baseball, and to have a grand time.  You can practice your batting skills with some friends and really enjoy some physical fun activities too.


Phillips Park, 3108 SE J St, Bentonville, AR 72712

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