Twitter is our president

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Twitter is our president

Ana Viveros, Staff Writer

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Twitter is the way for things to go around. People tell their followers what they are thinking or news they have to tell. However, somethings should not be said by someone with such power.

Donald J. Trump has a habit to tweet often, and have controversial tweets. Trump also has a tendency to make fake claims without actual evidence. A president should not be tweeting fake claims-it is not professional at all. People will not think it is a good thing to do, while others will support Trump’s tweets.

Many people have used Trump’s tweets as jokes at this point. They can not take his tweets seriously knowing he makes things up. In fact he can not be taken as a serious president.

A president is here to help lead the United States, and instead is on his phone just tweeting to his followers unprofessional things.  Even though he is trying to “Make America Great Again”  it can be told with his type of progress, and how he is overall, Trump needs to step it up and actually do something.

Instead of being on twitter tweeting out nonsense, he should be trying to fix the problems within the United States. He should stop making other problems come to the surface. Having citizens wonder if this is the president they chose.

We need a president who is serious about his country. Not a man that can fake many claims in the 267 days of being president. We need a leader. That is what America needs. Not a man behind twitter posting random things on his mind.

A president should not have twitter if he can not use it right. The media should be used right. It is modern way to speak with your audience, but could be used way better. 

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