Rafika is dead from the Lion King


Ana Viveros, Staff Writer

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A man to play the Lion King, and be watched all over the world for many years has now passed away at the age 89. His name was Robert Guillaume he was the rafika to many people’s lives.

He was born on Nov. 30, 1927 in Saint Louis, Missouri. Sadly passed away on Oct. 24, 2017 in Los Angeles. Close to being his birthday in a month he died from prostate cancer he has been battling for a while dying in his sleep

Robert Guillaume was an American actor who starred in a few productions. He is mainly known to be in ‘Sports Night’ as Isaac Jaffe also as Benson on the TV series Soap, and the spin-off Benson.  What he is really famous for is being Rafika in the Lion King making himself a big star in Hollywood. For starring in those productions.

For his acting he had many nominations and had some winning awards. From the Golden Awards to Walk of Fame. He was nominated in the Golden Globes, but won none. In the Primetime Emmys won two awards, and was nominated for two others. In 985 won Primetime Emmys for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series Benson in 1979 for playing “Benson. As well in 1979 won another Emmy for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy or  Comedy-Variety or Music Series in Soap in 1977 for playing “Benson Dubois”.

Robert even won Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences, USA for Outstanding Achievement in character performance in 2005. Also won Monte-Carlo TV Festival award for Outstanding Male Actor in 2001. Won the Walk of Fame in 1984 having his star to keep him as a legend in Hollywood.

Being a husband, father, actor his life will be remembered for his acting, and accomplishments. On the Walk of Fame his star will be there to remember a man who made it big on the screen.

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