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Roy Moore, Sexual Misconduct, Discrimination, and other lovely things

Sandra Tobar, Staff Writer

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Judge Roy Moore has taken the biggest lead in recent polls against opponent Doug Jones for Alabama senate. This comes after sexual misconduct allegations and his comment on getting rid of all the amendments after the Bill of Rights. Those amendments include abolishing slavery, the right for women to vote, the right for all races to vote, and the banning of poll taxes.

Roy Moore announced he was running for senate after former senator Jeff Sessions was confirmed as Attorney General of the United States. Republicans nominated Moore as their candidate against the already serving Luther Strange showing their full support for him. Come November 2017, Roy Moore was accused of sexual misconduct in the form of forced kissing and molestation by four women. They told the Washington Post that he would pursue them at the ages of 14,15, and 16 despite the fact that he was in his 30’s. One said he went as far as to sexually assault her in his car at the age of 16. Regardless of the accusations, the republican party fully supported him with only very few withdrawing their endorsements for him. In 2011 Moore made a comment on a conspiracy radio talk show mentioning that eliminating the amendments to the Constitution after the 10th would get rid of many problems. This sparked controversy seeing as that the amendments after the 10th include the female right to vote, the right to vote for all citizens 18 years and older, and the right to vote for all races. The founding fathers wrote in the Declaration that all men were created equal, yet not until 52 years ago did African Americans earn the right to vote. A right that should not have been earned but given. The definition of discrimination is the unjust treatment of people especially on the grounds of age, sex, and race. So eliminating the right to vote for all races, women, and citizens 18 and older can be categorized as discrimination. After all according to Roy Moore that is the source of many problems, seeing as he would like to have those rights eliminated. The amendments after the Itth also include abolishing of slavery, banning of poll taxes, and the right to vote for president. As a country that believes in the power of the people, a leading state senator nominee has publicly said that the amendment for the right to vote for our president should not exist.

Instead of progressing forward to a more accepting, peaceful society Moore’s words have demonstrated a desire to return to the past when an entire race was enslaved and voting was still done by white men 21 years or older. As the most powerful nation in the world, the United States should be advancing towards a more welcoming and caring society ultimately setting an example for the rest of the world to follow.

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Roy Moore, Sexual Misconduct, Discrimination, and other lovely things