Smartphones could be a cause of depression

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Smartphones could be a cause of depression

Ana Viveros, Staff Writer

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It is no lie that teens now are not happy or joyful as they used to be. They are lacking some type of spirit. Has it came to the “solution” that smartphones are the reason to the depression in teenagers.


Phones have been a big impact to teens in the past 7 years, but it started to hit teens even more. About 78 percent of teenagers have a smartphone from ages 12-17. Before not many had phones, and could not access the internet on their phones. Times have changed, and has caused an epidemic of data usage in teens.


Teens have been ‘addicted’ to smartphones having their eyes glued on the screen for hours. Depression has spiked up ever since smartphones were invented making scientist think this is the cause for the boost in depression.


Depression has other factors. Social media on phones is not the big issue. Scientists should research more on how teen are acting from school to their homes. Not just the time spent on phones, and somehow concluding that phones are the cause.


New generations are coming with new technology. Teens are just interested in it. Adults need to stop blaming everything on technology.


From 2010 to 2015 adults have noticed that teens from the United States started to feel unhappy. Teens classic depression symptoms have increased about 33 percent. As well the suicide rate of teens has increased by 28 percent. No matter what background the teen had they all had a chance to be in a spiral of depression.


Phones let us see the world. Browsing for hours looking at everything that can be searched up.


In late 2012 owning smartphones escalated which meant that teen depression was rising.   In 2015 about 73 percent of teens were having access to a smartphone.


For some teen that could be the cause. If one is being bullied it can be a big factor to depression for them. While others it could be other things. Not all teens are depressed for being on their electronics.


The solution to finding out the true cause to teen depression is by having more research on how a teen is living an everyday life. Looking how the actions of their environment are affecting them.


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