What’s going on with Net Neutrality


Cynthia Garduno, Staff Writer

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For a while now,  Trump’s FCC chairman, Ajit Pai, has been determined to repeal Net Neutrality and on Dec.14 the FCC voted on Pai’s proposal. Pai was joined in the 3-to-2 vote by his two fellow republican commissioners to have net neutrality officially repealed. Many are opposed to this due to the fact that Net Neutrality is what allows people to communicate online freely without any interferences. Specifically, Net Neutrality prevents internet service providers like AT&T, Verizon, and Comcast from blocking ,speeding up, or slowing down any websites you want to use as well as preventing them from charging any extra fees.

Since the vote for this repeal won, internet service providers have the ability to control the internet and no longer need to provide consumers equal access to all content online. It will take a couple of weeks for these changes to go into effect but Pai claims that the rollback of the new rules will eventually “help consumers” and “promote competition” because broadband providers like AT&T and Comcast can offer people a wider variety of internet service options. Pai and others simply want to “return to the free market consensus  that served the internet economy in America very well for many years.”

Although there was a time without Net Neutrality, we have grown accustomed to it that when we go online we have certain expectations. We expect to be able to visit any website. We expect that our internet provider or phone company will connect us to any website we choose without any interference. We expect to be in charge of our internet, but that is no longer the case. Because of this repeal and before it was accepted, there have been hundreds of protests across the country, and many websites encouraging users to speak up against the repeal. There are still organizations that are trying to overturn the FCC’s choice as well as numbers you can call or text to voice your opinion. Ultimately, the effects of this decision will take some time to see implementation and in the end it is up to congress to reach a conclusion on Net Neutrality.

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