“Pitch Perfect 3” : The end of the Barden Bellas

Cynthia Garduno, Staff Writer

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WARNING:Contains spoilers

Pitch Perfect 3 is the latest film in the Pitch Perfect franchise and lets just say it is the perfect goodbye to end the Barden Bellas. Like the previous films in this franchise there is definitely a good combo of comedy, drama, and singing but this time there is some action involved, like jumping off of yachts action as well as fight scenes. Although the action scenes are amusing, they are sort of unrelated to the movies original theme of focusing on the unity and support that comes from singing in a capella groups.

This particular movie takes place three years after the Bellas have graduated from college and they are now out in the real world stuck in their dull, dead-end jobs. They all seem to be unsuccessful in their careers and long for the days they sang as a group. Well when the opportunity for them to sing as a group one last time on a USO tour of Europe appears, thanks to Aubrey’s military dad, the Bellas take it to escape their unsuccessful life style. Throughout the USO tour the Bellas face many challenges, including having to compete with other singing groups that sing with instruments which may or may not put them at a disadvantage.

As always the films in this franchise do a great job of portraying the characters personalities like “fat Amy’s” bubbly character and Becca’s laid-back mood, but the humor,singing,and bits of action are what keep this movie entertaining. Throughout the movie you could tell that just about any over-the-top idea was added in to keep the movie interesting such as throwing in a subplot revolving around a criminal who takes the Bellas hostage and then having the Bellas saved by one of their own, who happens to be the criminal’s long lost daughter. I thought this added subplot was very different from the main plot in the first movie-which is what made it successful- of strictly focusing on a group of a capella singers who support each other.

Although Pitch Perfect 3 was a highly anticipated movie, it is obvious that this group of a capella sisters are ready to say goodbye to their Barden Bella days and  move on with their lives but continue to be there for one another.

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