How to make Mexican tortillas

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How to make Mexican tortillas

Livier Arellano, Staff Writer

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Masa flour

Warm/Hot Water

Things needed:



Tortilla Machine

Comal (A pan you usually use for pancakes)

Step 1: Get a bowl

Step 2: You’ll put in the Masa flour and then little by little you’ll be mixing with your hands adding warm water till you get a doughy like substance. (PLEASE DO NOT MAKE IT LIQUIDY FOR THAT WILL RUIN YOUR TORTILLA).

Step 3: You’ll grab a piece of dough and roll

it up into a ball with your hands.

Step 4: You’ll then put your dough ball in your tortilla machine (Make sure the inside of the tortilla machine is covered with a plastic bag, so that the tortilla won’t stick on the lid or the base of the machine like shown in figure 3)

Step 5: You’ll then close the lid and press down on the handle. Notice that if you      Figure 4

grabbed too much of the dough your tortilla will seem chopped off, so you can just roll it up into a ball again and pinch some out and repeat step 4

Step 6: Carefully remove the tortilla from the plastic bag

Step 7: Turn on stove, put comal (pancake pan) on stove

Step 8: Carefully place tortilla on comal (pancake pan)

Step 9: You’ll flip tortilla after you believe the side facing down is cooked

Step 10: When flipped once like said on step 9, you’ll wait till tortilla rises like show above

Step 11: Once it has risen you’ll place tortilla in cloth


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