The 75th Golden Globes

Rachell Smith

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From powerful speeches to the sea of black clothing, the eventful Golden Globes took place on Jan. 7th 2018. The event celebrates films and television shows of the year by inviting nominees and announcing the winners. Many celebrities, actors, and others from the film industry attended the award show, including Oprah Winfrey, Meryl Streep, and Nicole Kidman. Many of the actors, activists, and more took part of the “time is up” organization by wearing black to show their support.

The “time is up” organization helps victims of sexual assault or misconduct through legal fees when prosecuting their perpetrators. More than the financial side of the problem the raise awareness and help the victims face their violators. Because of the rising popularity of the #metoo campaign and sufferers of sexual misconduct have been more courageous than ever to share their stories. Many of the guest at the Golden Globes were the celebrities who were brave enough to share their stories, dressed in all black to show affiliation with the organization. Besides the obvious controversy, there was even more discussion about those who have been the perpetrators, such as James Franco, wearing black despite committing those crimes himself.

Another remarkable moment of the Golden Globes was Oprah’s inspiring speech that included topics such as race, discrimination, and gender inequality.  She started her speech by telling a story of a woman, called Recy Taylor, who fought for civil rights during the Jim Crow Laws era. Aside from Taylor Oprah included the names of various other valiant warriors who have fought for justice before this time. After the motivational speech, that caused a roar as well as a standing ovation, many people took to the news questioning if Oprah should run for president. Many of the people who work with her loosely and her family, such as her husband, confirmed that Winfrey was thinking about running for candidacy in the next presidential election. The golden globes have caused a lot of attention and talk for every part of the world, not only the pop culture and film section of the world, but for the news section as well.

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