Creating a better plan to save lives

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Creating a better plan to save lives

Ana Viveros, Staff Writer

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School shootings have been getting bigger through the years. Just this week we had two school shootings. One in Kentucky and the other in Texas. They became the first school shootings this year and the United States is just numb at this point.

The earliest documented shooting happened in the 1700’s.  Happening in July 26, 1764 in school property four, Lenape American Indian came into a school killing a professor named Enoch Brown as well killing at least ten students. At the end only two victims survived.

This proves that school shootings are not anything new. These types of shootings or anytype have been frequent and  the amount of people that are becoming victims is rising.

Many schools have started doing drills to help students prepare for this type of situation. However, can these drills really help now knowing the attacker probably knows this drill. The shooter can most likely be a student or someone with ‘mental problems’ who doesn’t go to that school.

If they know it is a school day, and we are somewhere in the school they will not rest to at least hurt one person. Schools should have better methods in protecting students. Kentucky students thought that it was gonna be a regular day, but took a twist when a student started firing. Some could have thought it was their last day. Texas had a school shooting involving a shooter of the age 16 years old. He shot a 15 year old girl but no motive on why it occurred has been released.

Students are supposed to feel safe in a school environment, but now it is either a life or  death situation in schools. Schools need to find more efficient drills to actually help students keep their lives. A better plan can save a life. Having precautions is better than having none at all and mourning a student or teacher that was shot.

Fixing this situation can have students protected, and if a situation like this occurs it will no longer be frequent and students and faculty will be better prepared for these types of situations.

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