How to create fake burns

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How to create fake burns

Katie Jones, Staff Writer

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Halloween is over but there is no reason you can’t still scare the heck out of people. This way is by no means the only way to create fake burns, in fact there are about 15 different ways to do it. For this method you will need: a reference photo, liquid latex or fx gelatin, cotton balls/ ground coffee/ tissue paper, body paints, and optional lube or ultra sweat.

Essentially both burns will look the same but the difference is mainly how well one will stick and how easy one will be to come off.  The liquid latex will last longer but is a pain to get off. And while the gelatin comes off easy it doesn’t stick really well and can literally melt off your body as it breaks down when wet. The recipe for fx gelatin can easily be found on YouTube but this is one recipe: ½ cup gelatin, ½ cup glycerin, and ¾ cup of water (either way it is 1 part gelatin:1 part glycerin:1.5 part water ratio). Then stir all these together in a microwave safe bowl and microwave this for intervals of 12 seconds at a time and stir in between.

1. Lay down a layer of latex/gelatin in the preferred area.

2.While the first layer is drying quickly pull apart and place some cotton/ tissue paper/pour ground coffee beans on the area.

3.Then cover this in another layer of the median of choice. If you want a grosser effect, while this is in a almost dry but still sticky state,go in and pick holes into it.

4.Now it’s time to color. Main colors are red and black and I use a tiny bit of purple and a few different shades of red. The main premise here is just like in art the tops get lightest red and then black gets put into the crevices and the deepest areas.

5.This step is optional it adds to the look but is fine without it. Put lube on the burn to give it that wet look or you could buy ultra sweat and get the same effect.

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