Senior advice

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Senior advice

Cynthia Garduno, Staff Writer

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As this school year is fast approaching to its end, the senior class has just about seen and done it all, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have any regrets. Not all regrets are necessarily bad, they may just be about not being more involved or wishing they knew more about what classes to take. Here is come advice that seniors think is important to know while going through high school:

What advice would you give to underclassmen?

“Don’t be afraid to ask for help, and if you get stressed or overwhelmed, just let your teacher(s) or counselor know. Also… go crazy at games and pep rallies! Have fun with it while you can,” said Ryan Gregory. 

“Use time management and try to get your homework done on time,” said Allyn Hensley.

“Start taking the ACT as soon as possible,” said Faith Williamson.

“Really try your best and take all your required classes as soon as you can,” said Blanca Carrasco.

“Try and reach out to everyone, not just your friends and people you’re close to,” said Ben Whitten.

What did you wish you knew as a freshman?

“How I should prepare for scholarships as early as possible,” said Meredith Bassett. 

“Be picky with who you associate yourself with and don’t rush anything in life,” said Amontá Jones.

“Don’t be afraid to ask questions in class. Other students could benefit from what you have to say,” said Peyton Rogers.

Any advice about clubs or classes to take?

“Be involved in clubs that are important to you, but don’t do too much. Take something that gets you out of your comfort zone! Those friends will become family,” said Jenna Bertuca.

“Be involved in  clubs, because you meet new friends and get involved in the environment,” said Val Garcia.

“Take college classes because they are so much cheaper here,” said Scott Weaver. 

What is your biggest regret ?

“Not trying my freshman year. And not making new friends till senior year,” said Molly Thompson.

“I wish I was more involved in clubs and school activities,” said Daniel Medina.

“I wish I didn’t procrastinate as much as I did,” said Litzy Perea. 


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