The Simpsons are psychics

Sandra Tobar

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The beloved television series that has aired for twenty-nine seasons, The Simpsons, has entertained families since 1989. Its episodes consist of humorous plots and ideas aimed at earning laughter from the audience, but in an episode from eighteen years ago it predicted the presidency of Donald Trump. Digging deeper revealed that that was not the only event The Simpsons has predicted.

In an episode titled, “Bart to the Future,” premiering on Mar. 19th, 2000, Bart Simpson is given a vision of his future, taking place thirty years later. It is revealed to Bart that Donald Trump had been president, damaging the economy and leaving the following president to sort out the mess. In 2000, Donald Trump was a businessman who not many had thought of as a president. Sixteen years after the original showing of the episode, Donald Trump was inaugurated as the forty-fifth president of the United States. Fans of the show went to Twitter and Instagram to point out the prediction from over a decade ago. The writers of the cartoon responded to appalled viewers by saying that the episode was a warning as to what could happen if America went completely insane, but the predictions don’t stop there. From octo-mom to an Olympic gold medal for the U.S, The Simpsons has already called it.

In an episode where characters Apu and his wife Manjula take fertility drugs to enhance their chances of having children, Manjula gives birth to eight babies giving them a lot more than they bargained for. Exactly ten years later, Natalie Suleman, also known as octomom, gave birth to octuplets. Considering that Suleman had implanted twelve embryos into herself and planned to have twelve kids, it bewildered fans to see how accurate the episode had been in predicting the octuplets. Following that prediction, came another about a man suing an “All You Can Eat” restaurant for kicking him out. Homer is kicked out of an “All You Can Eat” buffet after staying for hours. Angered, he sues the establishment for false advertising. Bill Wisth did the same twenty years later, when he was asked to leave a seafood buffet in Wisconsin for eating all their fish. In 2011, food bloggers revealed that an ingredient in the McRib was found in yoga mats and in 2013, supermarkets in Europe were discovered to have been labeling horse meat as beef. Sounds all too familiar to avid watchers of The Simpsons, because in an 1994 episode, it predicted all of this when Lunch Lady Doris was secretly using horse meat and gym mats as ingredients for the school lunch. More recently, The Simpsons psychic abilities have yet again been proven with the winning of an Olympic gold medal. In an episode from 2010, Homer and Marge win a gold medal for the U.S in curling, beating  their Swedish opponents. Fast forward to 2018, the U.S men’s curling team has just won the first ever olympic gold medal in curling for the U.S. Who did they beat? The Swedish, placing them at second on the podium.

With predictions like these, The Simpsons television show is fast on its way to becoming more reliable than the weatherman. A prized family possession, it will come as no surprise to see The Simpsons go on for twenty-nine more seasons and many more.

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