Fortnite battles to the top

Rolando Hernandez

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One of the best games in the survival genre this year is taking everyone in the video game world by storm. Fortnite is being played by millions and being streamed constantly. The game was officially released July, 25 2017. It can be played as a free for all, duo, or in a team. It is continuing to go through updates and improvements to make the game even more interesting, such as the addition of character John Wick, and one of the coolest weapons, the minigun.

It’s a game in which players can master quite easy with a few rounds of practice, this is what makes the game so popular. But further than that, what really pushes the game to the top is the skins that your character can wear, and the weapons that can be used throughout matches. The point of the game is the be the last person, or team standing. To do this, all of the other people and teams have to be killed. Sniper rifles can be used to take someone down from a long range, but if the distance is close a shotgun can also be used. With the variety of weapons and traps, especially the new additions like the hunting rifle, hand cannon, and the crossbow, it gives players choices in what they want to use to get “#1 victory royale”, which is the goal of the game.

When it comes to strategy, the player can use base building in order to make steps to go where they want to help survive against their opponents. Another thing that pushes the game over the edge is that you can make your own cover as long as you have enough resources like wood,brick, and steel. You can use a pick axe that comes in variety to break down trees and for building walls. With so many features that are different from other games, fortnite adds to the suspense portion of the survival game. Now that Fortnite is available on IOS it’s becoming even more of a phenomenon. While most mobile games are only available to be played with other mobile servers, you’re able to play Fortnite with people using other devices, such as PC, Xbox, etc. Since the game is so incredibly popular, there would be way too many people trying to download the game, you have to be invited to download the IOS version. This helps to prevent the game from crashing.   

On the social media sides of things, those who have played the game are known for ignoring other people while playing it, adding controversy surrounding Fortnite. Because the typical user is male many of their girlfriends have gone online to rant about how their boyfriends are ignoring them as a result of playing the game.

All of these aspects combined into one has been what has made fornite the widespread phenomenon it is.


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