Black Panther Album Review

Ingrid Betancourt

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The album that set the movie, Black Panther, on fire before it premiered, Black Panther. The album was created by Kendrick Lamar, The Weekend, SZA, and many more featured talented artist has been at the top of Spotify’s charts since it was released on February 9, 2018. On Spotify, a couple of the tracks have been on the Globals Top 50 charts two weeks after the album was dropped, for example, All the Stars, Pray For Me, and King’s Dead. The album’s genre being Hip-hop/rap as it is what mostly Kendrick Lamar, The Weekend and mostly what the other artist usually feature in, genre-wise. The album has a great effect during the movie, moving the emotion of the audience, relating to the audience with the lyrics, grabbing their attention with the amazing beat, all while watching it.

The opening song, Black Panther by Kendrick Lamar lyrics reflects on the movie’s main character, T’Challa. This first song is the most powerful song where Lamar brings up T’Challa’s greatest accomplishments and challenges, while the beat behind him slowly erupts to drop. The album entirely is supposed to reflect the movie, bring rap to Wakanda. Lamar comes to say “This collaboration with a Disney movie is not one that I ever expected to do”. In the end, everyone is very glad Lamar came to work with the movie and create the album and collaborate with many other artists.

The album shows to accomplishments that are achieved in the movie and are brought up in the movie. Even without prior knowledge of Black Panther, the album is great and able to listen on the regular basis. Many of our own Mounties as well enjoyed the album, “This album is one to like get hyped with, get ready for some game or a party” Carlos Calderon (9). “This is just a song you want to bob your head too and want to learn the lyrics so you can sing/rap along” Matthew Furnish (9). Black Panther, the album has had an amazing success and hands down is an outstanding accomplishment for, Kendrick Lamar, The Weekend, and SZA.



  1. Black Panther             8. Bloody Waters
  2. All the Stars                9. King’s Dead
  3. X                                10. Redemption Interlude
  4. The Ways                  11. Redemption
  5. Opps                          12. Seasons
  6. I Am                           13. Big Shot
  7. Paramedic!                 14. Pray For Me
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