NFL Draft time

Rolando Hernandez, Staff Writer

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With the 2018 Draft coming up on April 26-28, there will be many prospects looking to get picked in the first round.

The first pick in the draft, belongs to  the Cleveland Browns who went 0-16 their 2017 season. They should acquire Sam Darnold from USC (University of Southern California) since Deshone Kizer, being their second round pick, couldn’t make a big difference especially being a rookie. Many people consider Darnold to be the best quarterback coming out of college into the NFL. He can make a big difference to the offense for the Browns, especially by acquiring Tyrod Tyler as well who was a QB for the Buffalo Bills and can help out Darnold before putting him on the field.

For the quarterback position, we have Saquon Barkley with the second pick, who is a running back for Penn State. He is one of the best coming in from the RB class. He has such talent to run plays and once breaking through the defense he is such an explosive person. Scouts say he will either go with the New York Giants to help Eli Manning who isn’t getting any younger being 37. With Barkley they could rely more on him to let Manning stay less of a threat to the defense. However if the Giants prefer a QB,because of Manning’s age, then the Browns have a shot at a first pick QB and a 4th pick RB Barkley for an outstanding offense.

The third pick in the Draft is the New York Jets would like to have a QB for more comfort and possibly show better results than former Vikings QB Teddy Bridgewater. Jets head coach Todd Bowles said he’d like a quarterback with leadership,accuracy,toughness, and intelligence which  are used to describe Baker Mayfield from Oklahoma. With Mayfield they can bring more variety to their throwing game. along with developing a young QB to their potential.

The Cleveland Browns (Via Houston Texans) have the fourth pick. Most people and scouts would like them to draft Saquon Barkley from Penn State to improve their offense along with them acquiring Tyrod Taylor. Their offense would be especially good with a first round pick player which would most likely be a QB like Darnold who seems to be the best from this draft. With these picks and with players moving to other teams and some going free agents, the Browns might pull a decent season and possibly make it to the playoffs.

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