Why is Facebook under fire?



Rachell Smith

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Mark Zuckerberg, the creator, and CEO of Facebook has been under enormous pressure at the hands of Congress. After years of avoiding politicians, Facebook finally has fallen prey to senators and congressmen. The major privacy breach in Facebook’s users’ accounts has lead to the hearing. A grand multitude of senators has finally had their long-awaited answers to Facebook’s actions.

The scandal that has shocked the world, has confused everyone, even the company itself. The problem lies in the news that Cambridge Analytica, a consultancy group that worked with Trump 2016 campaign, obtained access to private information from millions of users. Facebook allowed a Cambridge Analytica worker permission to this info. Then Cambridge worked with the Trump campaign. Giving the party a major advertising plus.

Hearing about this infringement, Senators have taken to ask Facebook about whether it sells user’s information to corporations. Obviously, Zuckerberg has denied these allegations insisting that the only information that marketing teams receive is demographics and information about the users that are public. But many of the congressmen have only just begun to dig deeper to find just how far Facebook goes to give information to its partners.

The company argues that this form of getting information benefits the customer and the advertisers. Although, many Facebook users feel uncomfortable knowing that information that they might have thought was private is now exposed to company’s marketing teams without their consent. Adding to Facebook’s dilemma of violating user privacy and security terms.

This problem would be somewhat overridden if it was Facebook’s first “mistake”. But it hasn’t. Not only has Facebook had similar problems in the past, but it knew about this specific breach for over two years. Finally, after so long are they admitting their mistakes and actively looking for a solution.

Facebook has promised that it will take responsibilities for this breach that affected around 87 million users, and go father to protect the security and most of all the privacy of its clients. Various measures include limiting the info that companies can receive or placing more regulations for content that is posted, which might in turn damage the profits of Facebook. Despite all of the changes that may come to Facebook, the larger picture of this hearing forces society to think about how social media’s platform can affect the world.

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