Major Problems in NCAA



Alex Kern

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Once again, another report has surfaced involving college football recruiters violating NCAA regulations. This time, it involves Texas A&M and their coaching staff, particularly TAMU linebackers coach, Bradley Dale Peveto, and former TAMU linebacker, Santino Marchiol. Peveto allegedly provided money to Marchiol to host a 19 year old recruit from Arizona, which directly violates NCAA rules. Texas A&M is no stranger to violating NCAA rules, as they were put on probation in the early 1990’s for providing financial aid and extra benefits to certain football players.

But this recruiting problem extends much farther than just Texas A&M. It is clear most of the revenue the NCAA generates is from college football and men’s college basketball, and that is usually where the dirty work is found.  This past men’s basketball season was disastrous for the NCAA. In late Feb of 2018, Yahoo Sports released federal documents exposing many high profile college basketball players that were tied to corruption. These documents included players like Collin Sexton, Dennis Smith, Kyle Kuzma, and the number one pick in the 2018 NBA Draft, DeAndre Ayton, who reportedly received 100 thousand dollars from the University of Arizona.

Things are only getting worse, and the NCAA committee doesn’t seem to know what to do. Ratings continue to climb fast, and the money continues to pour in for the major TV networks. The idea of athletes receiving some of this money has been tossed around, as well as eliminating the one and done rule in men’s college basketball. But it seems no matter what actions the NCAA takes, problems always arise. This continues to be an ongoing problem that shows no signs of stopping.

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