Disney star turns pageant queen

New Netflix series getting the attention it deserves.

New Netflix series getting the attention it deserves.

Brittany Williams

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Bearing boundaries and pushing limits, Debby Ryan stars as Patty Bladell in the new series “Insatiable” on Netflix.

With only twelve episodes in season one, the show goes through an epic story line of a classic loner/ loser girl turns hot and popular for all the wrong reasons. So maybe it sounds like an average boring chick flick right? Wrong. It all starts with a homeless guy and a candy bar. An alcoholic mother struggling to find herself and gets so caught up in her own world to even notice what her daughter is going through. A pageant coach so obsessed with his perfect image and will do anything to win. Murders, glass closets and wiener tacos are a few key features of the show.

This dark comedy has gotten attention from critics for going over the line and “being too much”. Critics like Roxane Gay says the show is lazy and insulting, “The show is suppose to be about insatiable desire, about wanting so much, wanting to much. But Patty doesn’t seem particularly insatiable,” Gay said.

On the other side of things the creator shares her view of why she made the show and the feeling behind it. “When I was 13, I was suicidal. My best friends dumped me, I was bullied, and I wanted revenge,” Gussis wrote. “I thought if I looked pretty on the outside, I’d feel like I was enough. Instead, I developed an eating disorder … and the kind of rage that makes you want to do dark things. Please give the show a chance,” Lauren Gussis said.

Twists and turns throughout the show will keep you biting at your nails and screaming at the Tv. Scandalous relationships and immoral thoughts are just the beginning. Old history becomes rekindled and ignites new fires refused to be put out. Will Patty get crowned or handcuffed? Watch “Insatiable” and see for yourself the drama that goes down.

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