Get your driving straight

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Get your driving straight

Ana Viveros

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The start of a new year has been in progress. Students are starting to get their driver’s license, and people who have their license have been driving recklessly lately.

In the morning’s students come into the parking lot thinking it is a chance to show their car to the school. They will either start roaring their car or speeding in a five miles per hour zone. Students are getting out of their cars, and walking to the school when other cars are speeding into the school causing a danger to students. We have one area for drop off and pick up, guys, the parking lot is not a drop-off. The school has made it clear where students need to be dropped off. It causes cars to find ways to leave the school. Which involves going through students path trying to walk to the school.

Everybody is coming to school meeting up with friends, and students will hang out in the parking lot. Cars are going through the parking lot either to find a parking space or going through the wrong way to drop a student off. It is not an area to hang out. It is a danger to the group of people piling up in the parking lot.

Speed limits are put in place to keep people safe. In the mornings on school days, the speed limit is 25 miles per hour. There are a few signs around the school with a flashing yellow light to tell drivers to go 25 miles per hour. There is no excuse to be going over that limit. As well after school, those signs are put into place again.

Students getting out of school can be chaotic. Everybody is trying to go home, and parents are waiting for their teenagers to get out of school. Students do not need to be speeding trying to showcase their car to others. Speeding has been a big issue lately with students, and other drivers going in or out of Rogers High School. It has caused more police enforcement to be taken into consideration.

When students are crossing the street they have the right to. No car should be passing a red light or honking at students when crossing.

Driving is a dangerous activity. Follow the laws that are put in place for everybody’s safety. Every 16 minutes a car crash happens, and it is better to be cautious than for it to be you next.

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