The 76th Golden Globe Awards

Award season is off to a surprising start

Delilah Rosales

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The 76th Golden Globe Awards took place on Jan. 6, 2019 and honored the best in the entertainment industry. This smaller award show seems unimportant, but it does influence other films’ chances of being voted in order to win. Drama films like “If Green Book” and “Vice” took over nominations. Additionally, special guest appearances like Taylor Swift and honorary awards such as the Cecil B. DeMille Award made this year particularly memorable.

Sandra Oh, who co-hosted alongside Andy Samberg, became the first person of Asian descent to win multiple Golden Globes and host the show. Movies such as “Roma”, “Black Panther” and “BlacKkKlansman” have made breakthroughs in the social essence, ratings, and in the Box Office. A small stride in representation was made when “Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse”, featured Afro-Latino Miles Morales on his journey of navigating his new powers, and won Best Animated Motion Picture.

Although the overwhelming amount of male nominees were present, it did not take away from the powerful statements said by the women in their acceptance speeches, such as Glenn Close. Close starred in a drama film, “The Wife”, about a woman feeling pushed aside by her successful husband.“We have to find personal fulfillment. We have to follow our dreams. We have to say, ‘I can do that and I should be allowed to do that’, Close commented.

Despite the negative reviews from critics, top-grossing music biopic “Bohemian Rhapsody”, won both nominations; Best Actor and Best Drama Picture. In his acceptance speech for Best Actor, Rami Malek called attention to exclusivity in social media.  “Of course, to Queen. To you, Brian May. To you, Roger Taylor, for ensuring that authenticity and inclusivity exist in the music and in the world and in all of us. Thank you to Freddie Mercury for giving me the joy of a lifetime. I love you, you beautiful man. This is for and because of you, gorgeous,” Malek said.

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