Preparing for the Race

Announcements of official campaigns have begun

Uriel Rodriguez

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With the new year beginning, the 2020 presidential election is closer than most expect. Some people have already announced that they are either exploring their options or officially campaigning for president.

There have not been many official statements about who is running, so the race is still anybody’s game.

“Election season lasts for a long time so, I kind of try to wait until closer, but I know Elizabeth Warren is in the mix. I also know some senators are throwing their names around in the mix,” Hallie Jarvis, English teacher, said.

However, there have been few people that have announced they are officially in the race such as House Rep. John Delaney, House Rep. Tulsi Gabbard, and San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro.

Some have made it public that they are considering their options, such as Sen. Elizabeth Warren, who has announced she has launched an exploratory committee for president. An exploratory committee is an organization that “tests the waters”, allowing possible candidates to see the chances of winning might be before actually running for president.

There has not been much advertising for campaigns yet, but people are already preparing. Candidate Andrew Yang has already started a website in order to fund his campaign.  

On the other hand, the appeal of the campaigns to the younger voters, or even ones who cannot vote but can still promote candidates, has not been very prominent.

Some celebrities have put themselves in the mix, or at least tried to. Kanye West, musical artist, has previously announced that he was going to enter the race. When asked about the potential presidential candidates, Elijah Scoggins, 10, shared his personal knowledge.

“I know about Kanye. That’s about it,” Scoggins said.

Celebrities share their opinion on politics constantly over social media and have even offered political advice towards President Trump. Although popular with the public, the rising question is whether celebrities are qualified enough to hold a presidential position.
“They really don’t have any credible experience in politics, while other possible candidates do. For this reason and many others, it is pretty clear that they most likely won’t get anywhere with it,” Hannah Scroggins, 10, said.

With little official announcements, voters only have speculation to go on. All one can do now is look towards the future, and keep up with the race.

“There is not much to accurately predict,” Scroggins said. “I, myself, am curious to see who will take on President Trump.”

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