Wrestling Pins State

Natalie Torres

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As the season begins, the Rogers High wrestling team gains high hopes for their upcoming meets. So far, the team has had about one week of competition this year. They toppled Berryville with 51-24 and 66-12 against Gentry in their most recent match.

“The team overall is pretty well because we’re mostly seniors that have been wrestling since freshman year. I believe that by the end of this year, we’ll be a top three team at state [tournament],” Alex Perea, 12, said.

Perea comments on the preparation within the team, detailing on the drills and training it takes for everyone to be on their maximum potential. Wrestling not only helps the athletes physically but also teaches them lifelong skills such as self-discipline and self-motivation.

“Mental toughness is essential. Not wanting to give up during a match is hard, because it’s so easy to let yourself go,” says Perea.  Wrestling requires not only physical preparation but mental preparation.

Marshall Hahn, wrestling coach, is excited about future meets and competitions. He feels encouraged as new wrestlers are beginning their first matches and returning wrestlers are easily picking up from where they left off last year.

“We were fairly young last year. At the state tournament, we had about five people place and only one [person] was a senior. So, we have several returning state placers back and I think this season shows a lot of promise,” Hahn said.

This year, the wrestling team has a change of opponents at the state tournament. Schools that once faced each other at state tournaments were in same classifications based on their location and number of students. Several schools like Searcy, Greenwood and Russellville were reclassified as 5A schools or below, whereas Rogers remains a 6A school. As a 6A school, Rogers can only face 6A and 7A schools, which Hahn says is an interesting change since the reclassified schools were good teams.

Regardless of changes, the wrestling team continues to prepare and pin their way to state.

“Overall, I’m hopeful. Wrestling is unique in that individuals can experience a lot of success and maybe your team not experience that same success. Also, vice versa, where a team can be really good but without any individuals that are state champions, so there’s a lot of opportunities for success,” Hahn said.

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