Dance Recital

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Advanced Dance classes held a recital on Dec. 13 and 14.

“We are preparing ourselves by rehearsing everyday and practicing outside class. We’ve been preparing for two months for the recital.” Grayson Unzelman,12, said.

By showing up in rehearsals during RTI everyday and having their tech rehearsals, the students have proved their dedication for this winter recital.

“Every year we cover the basics of dance, but for our winter recital we have been rehearsing since October.” Giselle Salguero, 11, said.

The recital is the students’ project, in which they demonstrate how much they have improved.

“It’s becoming more comfortable in they are and more confident in being able to create something that’s theirs. Nobody else has done it before.” dance teacher Elizabeth White said.

The dance class works up to these recitals. They have special days such as Workout Wednesdays and Flex Fridays.

“Dance is a sport because we do work out a lot. We do a lot of cardio [and] our legs are constantly moving.” Kimberly Campos, 9 said.

Students performing at the recital all have different motives for joining dance.

“It seemed like a fun class and I already knew the teacher from before and she seemed amazing.” Campos said.

Elizabeth White, wanted to offer dance to high school students like she had in her high school. She wanted the art to have a positive effect on people, and not be isolated only for certain people who made the cut.

[One] could only dance at school if they were in the dance team, or the cheerleading squad and [one] had to audition to be in those numbers. I wanted to provide the opportunity to students who either don’t have time outside of class who don’t have the money for it, or who just want an opportunity to dance during the school day.” White said.

Mrs. White, also known as ‘Momma White’ to her dance students has provided the opportunity for students like Salguero to shine during these recitals. To gain a career opportunity through the art.

“I have always loved to dance. Music is my passion. Dance [class] was an open door to my future in dance.” Salguero said.

Dance class was a way to gain life experiences, such as being comfortable in front of an audience. The recital helps the students break out of their shells.

“My goal is to not be so nervous and anxious.” Deona Johnson, 11 said.

And White very much encourages it. “I want everybody to feel like they belong, not just in this school or in this class, I want them to feel comfortable in their own skin.” White said. Dance class is a non-stop learning experience. “Patience, hard work, and true support. Dance moves will always improve.” Salguero said.

Dancing teaches motivation. “I’ve learned to never give up.” Andrea Perez, 9, said. Teaching it involves much more than the physical activity. It involves an authentic connection with the students. Trust is the key.

“The state of Arkansas doesn’t say, hey that’s what you need to teach your students, but it’s kind of one of the by products of teaching dance. I think for your kids to respect you, it’s important to respect them and to really get to know who they are and really care about them genuinely and I think that’s the only way they will trust you as a teacher and a person,” White said.

The recital is not just a short term goal. Many students in dance hope to bring a certain light and peace among themselves. To showcase what the atmosphere is like in their class to the audience.

“My goal for the recital is to do my best and hope to bring the class up as a whole. It’s fun, we’re relaxed, but also motivated. Most of us love doing dance so it’s easy to have a good time.We are a family and when it comes to dance our differences don’t matter.” Unzelman said.

And the important part of it all, the recital is a way to represent the art.

“To give the audience a phenomenal representation of what dance is in RHS.” Salguero said.

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