A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships

Ashley Rodriguez

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When it comes to the The 1975’s more widescreen perspective on things in past albums, in their most recent album released November 30th, 2018 they bring a lot of stories to tell in each song but in some being very controversial on politics, talk about modern culture, and the millennium age. The 1975 is a upcoming English pop rock band that originating from Manchester. The group formed around 2002 when they were in high school. Lead vocalist and lyricist Matty Healy opens up about his drug addiction that happened sometime around the release of their 2nd album. Healy didn’t want to bring much light on the situation mostly on the reason that he didn’t want to invite pity on the subject but couldn’t because it’s all over the new album “A brief inquiry into online relationships,”.

Healy refers to the song “It’s not living (if it’s not with you)” as “[this is] the big herion one” said to billboard records in an interview. In the recent release of the music video for this song he portrays the way he sees things when he is on heroin.The connection he ties into his heroin addiction with the lyrics are pretty obvious, in first verse he talks about a man named Danny running into complications such as falling asleep during conversations and having to search the street while on vacation then ending the verse by saying he’s in the same situation meaning that the heroin was affecting his sleep patterns and he would have a hard time finding drug dealers while he was on vacation or tour. The chorus is where Healy really comes out to say that he spends most of his time thinking about the drug constantly. The singer ended up going to a rehab clinic in Barbados for seven weeks to get clean before working on release of this album.                

In their song “I’d love it if we made it” the 1975 brings out their point of view on politics throughout 2016-2018,  which essentially just wanted to make sign of the times” healy said in a video explaining the his lyrics on Genius. In the beginning of the song he starts off with talking about a prison system that preys on young black people in order to keep itself in business. Healy goes on to question our “post-truth world” with his lyrics “truth is only hearsay we’re just left to decay modernity has failed us” where people deny the truth and go against tangible evidence like the flat earthers. Healy ties that into politics and religion saying, “I dont think theres a lie that Donald Trump could tell without his supporters doing the same thing that the religious do. I wouldn’t get on a plane if somebody said, ‘I’m gonna fly this plane just on my faith.’” said in the Genius video. In the second verse, Healy brings up the recent death of the rapper lil peep that brought much heartbreak to the millennial’s but also caused for there to be poetry in the streets. “There’s beauty out there, poetry is in the streets.” Healy said in the genius video. The song is what people would call a protest song for the many things that are sung in the song like the direct quotes from Donald Trump.

Overall the album is kind of weird but also mind opening with the lyrics Healy composes. The album is a kaleidoscope of styles with every song. There is a multitude of emotions embedded within each lyric of the album. As Healy would say it’s a weird world, and a weird time we are living in.

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