PLAYBOI CARTI, BELOVED ARTIST?: The history of Playboi Carti


A picture of a Carti concert, with people having a “whole lotta fun.” – photo credit Eduardo Funez.

The term  “King Vamp” has been circling around the internet for a while now. The term refers to one “Playboi Carti;” he is a man who made people “stop breathing’” in his own terms. Now with his cult following, he is teasing fans with a highly anticipated album called “Narcissist.” His followers hope the album will continue on the rock infused punk rap that took center stage in his last album, “Whole Lotta Red.”   

But just how did Carti have his rise to fame? Jordan Terrel Carter, was born  Sept. 13, 1996. After all, “Sir Cartier” started out on SoundCloud in 2011. As time passed, almost five years later,  Carti started to finally get some recognition and decided to change his name to what everyone  knows him as today, Playboi Carti. What got him so much recognition was the album “Die Lit.” One RHS fan in particular has a favorite song from that album. 

“My favorite song has to be ‘Lean 4 Real.’ I feel like Spekta’s verse in the song is the icing on the cake,” said Eduardo Funez, 12. 

Carti’s most recent album, “Whole Lotta Red,” had a lot of backlash from many listeners and even some die-hard fans. According to Twitter, his album was, “a whole lotta trash. “Though, with enough time, his supporters began to enjoy the album and completely take back the previous remarks they made about it.

Why did the backlash start though? Many listeners on Twitter said that some tracks were “weirdly produced,” with listeners missing the old type of music style that Carti used to make. Funez said he felt otherwise.

“I don’t really miss his old style of music, I was probably too young to enjoy his old style,” Funez said.