The Rogers High School Symphonic Band performed their spring concert in 2021 for the first time since Spring 2019. Both concert and symphonic bands performed in Bentonville at the ASBOA Region 6 concert assessment after performing virtually in 2020.

The Rogers High School Concert and Symphonic bands have received top ratings in the past, even during the COVID-19 Pandemic, and 2022 is no different. On March 10, the Rogers High School Concert and Symphonic bands received an Excellent Second Division rating and a Superior First Division rating, respectively, at the Region 6 Concert Assessment at Bentonville High School. 

Patrice Brown, director of bands for the Rogers High School Symphonic Band, was pleased with the results, especially since the symphonic band performance was delayed by almost 2 hours, performing close to midnight. 

“I was very excited,” said Brown. “We showed all of our hard work this semester and to overcome such challenging circumstances with us playing so late at night, it made it even sweeter.”

From the perspective of the symphonic band, the delay wasn’t particularly fun. The Bentonville West Wind Ensemble, Rogers High School Concert Band, and Bentonville High School Wind Ensemble all performed before the Rogers High School Symphonic Band. However, according to Brown, delays with scores, judge’s tapes, and scheduling conflicts lead to the last several bands performing later than scheduled, with the RHS symphonic band being the last band to perform. 

Even with the slight delay, Robert Kain, director of bands for the Rogers High School Concert Band, said that the concert band did well.

“I was pleased with the scores,” said Kain. “We got excellent scores, which is what [the concert band] deserved and they worked hard to get those scores.”

Alex Horn, 11, noticed that the concert band performance was delayed and that the symphonic band hadn’t even performed. Horn says that the concert band did great, but wished it could’ve been better.

“I think we did good at the concert,” said Horn. “We could’ve practiced more. I think we’re still improving, but there could be some things that we could do good on.”

As both concert and symphonic bands received high ratings, they both qualified for the Arkansas State Band and Orchestra Association Sweepstakes Award for concert band. In October, the marching band received straight ones for a Division 1 Superior Rating, becoming a recipient of the ASBOA Sweepstakes Award for marching band.