Kim Kardashian dressed up as Selena for Halloween in 2021. 
Photo | Screenshot from Kim Kardashian’s video.

Kim Kardashian dressed up as Selena for Halloween in 2021. Photo | Screenshot from Kim Kardashian’s video.

When Kim Kardashian posted photos of herself dressing up as Selena, a rumor quickly arose that she might try wearing the actual famous Selena dress next. The red velvet dress was the last dress seen on Selena before she was assasinated, and people aren’t excited about the idea of Kardashian wearing it. Well known around the globe, Kardashian is a popular American celebrity whose actions have often been questioned and under fire. 

     After messing with the Marylin Monroe dress at the Met Gala, the online community has been watching her every move to make sure she doesn’t pull anything crazy again, but Kardashian has other plans. Although, because it’s a rumor, everyone is trying to shut the idea down before Kardashian puts it into play.

“It’s so disrespectful- like did she not learn the first time? I feel like it’s wrong, it’s disrespectful, and I feel like she’s doing this to get a rise out of people,” said Leslie Andrade, 10. 

If Kardashian got tons of people mad with the Marilyn Monroe dress, imagine the outrage from the Latina community now. 

“Personally I think it was pretty disrespectful when she first wore the Marilyn Monroe dress because she’s an icon. And I think Selena is also an icon, which will upset the Latina community,” Erica Aguirre, 10. 

Many feel that Kim Kardashian is making these wardrobe decisions for attention, even if it’s only hate she’s getting. 

“I also feel like she’s doing it for attention just to get more eyes on her because their show is slowly dying,” Aguirre said.

Although Kardashian gets a lot of hate on the internet, there are some people who say this is not disrespectful, but just a bad idea. 

“It’s not disrespectful if she gets approval from [Selena’s] family. But I think it’s a bad idea because it’s our descendants’ culture and Selena’s an icon, so if someone else wears it, it’s not original anymore,” said Carina Albarran, Spanish teacher.

Despite it being speculation at the moment, many people hope the Selena dress won’t end up becoming another scandal like the Marilyn Monroe dress.